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IMMC Company is a southern California based moving coordination company. We have been in business since 2004, specializing in building start-ups. When your building opens its doors, we are ready. Our services greatly reduce damage cost incurred by developers, HOAs, and property management; by helping to, minimize incidentals created by, construction, contractors, and resident moves. By implementing experienced based standards, practices, and procedures that protect buildings from general damage, and noting liability for damages that would otherwise go unknown.

This helps to keep a buildings appearance aesthetically sound, which increases property value, marketability, and homeowner satisfaction. Beyond being inspectors we are coordinators, which means we are experts at knowing who, what, and when. We confirm the details of all deliveries to, and contractors working in, the building to ensure that developer projects and resident move in’s go as smooth as possible.

Our on demand anywhere, anytime, services save property management time, money, and manpower; by assisting homeowners with the logistics of moving into a building, especially while it’s still under construction. Our goal is to ensure that construction and maintenance cost as well as HOA fees remain as low as possible, by helping to maintain a safe, organized, and efficient, worksite. We also bridge the gap between homeowners, developers, and property management, by being in close contact with all groups.

We have worked for some of the finest urban developments.

IMMC Company


Your start up solution

Opening the doors to a new building can be chaotic for a resident moving into a new building, fighting with construction workers and contractors for use of an elevator is not a good first impression. Why not have them bragging to their friends who are potential buyers, that this process was seamless because a moving coordinator was on-site to help them.

Knowing who, what, and when, is what we specialize in.

We specialize in building start-ups; we can help determine the safest and most efficient route new residents should use to move in. We can also help to implement move in/out standards before an HOA is formed. Having someone who guides the flow of deliveries to the building helps minimize homeowner frustration especially when the building is still under construction, and contractors are coming in frequently. We can insure that your new homeowners move in without a major issue by maintaining a schedule of all deliveries, contractors, and other homeowners moving in. And your building will have someone on-site to direct the flow of this foot traffic when residents move in, or have contractors work on their home. Some developers find coordination especially useful for common areas and sales projects, such as furnishing common areas, and model moves.

If a contractor chips a tile, and no one is around to see it…

One of our primary functions for developers is establishing liability for damage done to a new building, and laying out protective supplies to reduce damage. This save time running around touching up damage and saves money for all the repairs. We can also coordinate repairs on floors that have a lot of work being done on them; so the second the last delivery is in, and the last contractor is out, is the moment a fresh new coat of paint is applied to the walls.

Our protective supplies minimize damage and wear to common areas.

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